Wojciech Bońkowski MW Spotlights 50 Great Greek Wines in Winicjatywa Website

Wine writer and judge for the 50 Great Greek Wines (50 GGW), Wojciech Bońkowski MW, has recently featured 50 GGW in an article published by Winicjatywa, one of Poland’s prominent wine websites. Bońkowski provides an insightful overview of the third edition of the 50 GGW, revealing this year’s distinguished wines and sharing key highlights from the competition.

In his article, he underscores the growing success of the 50 GGW, acknowledging the increased participation with a record 609 wines from 201 wineries, a notable surge from the inaugural edition. He emphasises the inclusion of Cypriot wines for the first time, with five of them making it into the top 50. Also, he recognises the strong representation of Santorini and the surprising recognition of four orange wines and five traditional wines, including resinous retsinas and the revived Verdea from Zakynthos.

The article reflects the global significance of the 50 GGW in promoting Greek wines on the international stage. Bońkowski praises the competition’s strategic goal of elevating Greek wines to a prominent position in the global wine scene. In his words, “Wines honoured with a place on the 50 Great Greek Wines list are meant to represent Greek wine on international markets.”, emphasising the importance of wines honoured in the 50 GGW list as ambassadors for Greek wine worldwide. Bońkowski’s coverage in Winicjatywa serves as a valuable testament to the growing influence and recognition of the 50 GGW Awards in the global wine community.

Read the article in Polish here.

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