50 Great Greek Wines 2020
Awards Ceremony
Electra Palace Athens
September 29th 2020

The official announcement of the results and the Αwards ceremony of the 50 Great Greek Wines will take place on September 29 at Electra Palace Hotel, in the heart of Athens. Following the current situation and with the support of a leading digital-events company, we quickly decided to innovate presenting a “phygital” event.

This means that the ceremony will take place at Electra Palace where the winemakers will be able to receive the singular award that was crafted by sculptor Ioannis Mamoutzis and designed by Marios Karystios as well as the certificates for the 50 Great Greek Wines of the competition. But at the same time, the event will also go live for all those willing to watch it online through the YouTube platform and the live-streaming of Facebook. We are dedicated to give the world not one but 50 “great stories”. Our effort is for these 50 wines to represent Greece abroad, and to give Greek wine a new boost each year. And this is just the beginning of a new era.