50 Great Greek Wines 2020
Awards Ceremony
Electra Palace Athens
September 29th 2020

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On Tuesday, September 29, through a fully successful phygital event, held in compliance with all pandemic constraints, the 50 Great Greek Wines were announced. It followed the competition that was completed in Athens from September 9 to 12.

Presenters of the event were Nektarios Niotis from FNB Daily and Yiannis Karakasis MW.

Yiannis Karakasis, Master of Wine and founder of 50 Great Greek Wines stated after the award ceremony:
“The first step to play our part in the Greek wine story was completed with absolute success. Congratulations to the producers who managed to see their wine on the list of the first 50 Great Greek Wines. In addition, I would like to thank from my heart all producers who participated in the competitive process, giving soul to our vision, my partners and our sponsors who believed in this initiative.”

About the next steps for the innovative wine project 50 Great Greek Wines, Yiannis Karakasis MW, pointed out:
“We don’t stop here! We will continue our actions to promote Greek wine with a vision to establish a separate category and escape from “The Others”. So in a few days, we will present to you in detail the plan of actions we have been preparing for a long time to further promote Greek wine.”