The judges are presented with glasses of wine that are marked with coded labels. These codes are the same as those found on their computer screen and correspond to the coding of each wine.  Please note that all wines are tasted blindly by the judges. 

The only information that is known to the judges (when the wines are tasted) is the category to which the wines belong and the vintage. No further information is given to the judges, so that no correlation can be made with a particular wine or a particular winery.

In the event that two or more wines tie in their scores for last place, whether for the ‘The Great 50’ category or the individual categories, an exception is made, and all are awarded.

Once the process has concluded, the judges receive a copy of the wine codes together with their ratings of the wines. The organizing committee acts independently of the judging panel; the latter has no information on anything related to the samples or the wineries involved. The judges’ decision is final. In order to protect 50GGW from impeachment, no modifications can be made to results.  

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

The entrants who participate in any part of the project, expressly and unconditionally accept all of the above Official Rules, Terms, and Conditions. They have sole responsibility to read and adhere to the Official Rules for the duration of the project. Participants must always act in accordance with the Official Rules, in order for their participation to be valid, and thus maintain their right to claim a prize.

Participants of 50GGW agree that the results will be used solely within the framework of the 50 GGW Project.

In the event of any breach in the aforementioned terms, the Promoter Company (or the Promoters) reserves all legal rights and claims against the Participants.