Virtual Tastings in Greece
February to April 2021

Virtual Tasting 1
Virtual Tasting 2.1
Virtual Tasting 2
Virtual Tasting 3.1
Virtual Tasting 3

50 GGW held a series of Virtual Tastings in Greece in an effort to further promote the award-winning wines.
In an attempt to harmonize with the new pandemic restrictions, we created a custom tasting kit for each participant, which included 8 small bottles with wine samples from the participating wineries, and a tasting Mat of the event.

In each tasting, Yiannis Karakasis MW presented a choice of wines that were awarded in the 50 GGW and discussed via ZOOM with the producers all new developments on Greek wine.

Virtual Tasting #1
With great success, and surpassing every expectation with the participation of more than 150 wine lovers and professionals, the 1st Virtual Tasting was held on Friday 19/02. In the tasting, the judges Lenka Sedlackova MW, Terry Kandylis and Mark Andrew MW discussed the progress of Greek wine over the last decades.
The wines, presented by the producers:
1. Oenops Vidiano 2019
2. T-Oinos Clos Stegasta Assyrtiko 2018
3. Estate Argyros Cuvee Monsigniori 2018
4. Domaine Skouras Viognier Eclectique 2018
5. Alpha Estate Rosé Single Vineyard ”Hedgehog” 2019
6. Rouvalis Estate Tsiggelo 2018
7. Mitravelas Estate Ktima Mitravela
8. Dougos Winery Rapsani Old Vines 2017

Virtual Tasting #2
The 2nd Virtual Tasting was held on Wednesday 24/03 with more than 200 participants. In the tasting, Stefan Neumann MS and award-winning chef Ettore Botrini discussed via ZOOM the recent developments on Greek wine.
The wines, presented by the producers:
1. Mylonas, Savatiano 2019
2. Lyrarakis, Daphni 2018
3. Vivlia Chora, Areti Asyrtiko 2018
4. Karamolegos, Louroi Platia 2017
5. Aslanis, Limnio 2018
6. Diamantakos, Naousa 2018
7. Avantis, Aghios Chronos 2016
8. La Tour Melas, Palies Rizes Agiorgitiko 2019

Virtual Tasting #3
The third tasting was presented by Yiannis Karakis MW and Grigoris Mihailos DipWSET. Wojciech Boñowski, 50 GGW judge and award-winning Chef Lefteris Lazarou discussed via ZOOM the recent developments on Greek wine.

The wines, presented by the producers:
1. Gentilini Winery & Vineyards Gentilini Robola Wild Paths 2019, Cephalonia
2. Vriniotis Winery Assyrtiko Sur Lies 2019, Evia
3. Volcanic Slopes Vineyards Pure 2017, Santorini
4. Aoton Winery Aoton Savatiano 2015, Attica
5. Troupis Winery Route 111, 2018, Peloponnese
6. Chatzivariti Winery Mus Xinomavro 2018, Slopes of Paiko
7. Gaia Wines Gaia Estate 2016, Nemea
8. Foundi Estate Foundi Estate 2015, Naoussa