How to Participate

Entry information

Submissions were completed March 20th 2020.

50GGW takes great care to ensure the authenticity and proper evaluation of the wines entered into 50GGW.

    • All of the wines that enter 50GGW are bought by the organizing committee from the trade. They are not sent by producers. Only commercially available wines in bottles are accepted as entries (no cellar door, or past vintages that are currently unavailable on the market). The wines must have a minimum production of 1.000 bottles. 
    • The wines are bought from evaluated suppliers that properly store and handle the wines in controlled-temperature cellars and meet the high standards of the organizing committee. 
    • Upon reception at the premises, the wines are cross-referenced with the data entered on the e-platform by the producers and are stored and handled appropriately. Subsequently, the organizing committee will allocate the wines to the flights they will be tasted in. Each separate category (eg. Assyrtiko, Indigenous Whites, etc.) can have more than one flights, depending on the number of entries. 
    • Each flight and each wine will bear a unique code. Once the wines are received by the committee they are handled appropriately and stored in a controlled-temperature setting, prior to their transfer to the venue.
    • The organizing committee reserves the right to deny a wine’s participation at any stage of the process if it does not meet the entry requirements as set out above and to ask participants for any document it deems necessary to substantiate the wine’s participation.

Preparing the samples

    • As soon as the wines are bought and delivered to the premises, they are unpacked and inspected by the organizing committee. These are cross-referenced with the information entered by the producers online, so that each bottle is the correct match. This is the first stage verification.
    • Each entry is photographed, and a second verification is performed by the organizing committee. This extra check will help eliminate any mistakes and ensure that the wines received match the entries of the producers on the e-platform.
    • After the producer submits the entry form, each wine receives a unique code that accompanies the wine throughout the whole process, and this code is considered the wine’s “ID”. The team corroborates the information of each bottle so that it matches this unique ID.
    • The wines are grouped into different flights, and the team confirms the category into which each belongs. Each flight is given a separate code number and will contain the code ID’s of the wines that will be tasted in the given flight. Each bottle bears a label with its unique ID and the code number of the flight it will be tasted in.
    • The wines are transferred to the venue and are kept in temperature-controlled conditions. 
    • The organizing committee runs a final check of the wines and the flights they have been allocated to. 
    • The tasting room is separated into two parts, and visual contact is obstructed between the separated parts. The wines are poured blind into glasses, according to their flights.

Additional entry details

  • Concerning award winning wines: all award-winning wineries are asked to reserve at least 30 additional bottles of each award-winning wine for promotional activities, events and tastings that will be held by the organizing committee.
  • The 50GGW reserves the right to photograph, use and reproduce any image of products entered into the project on its website, catalogs, posters, print publications and media articles or references related to 50GGW.