50 GGW is excited to announce the publication of the digital-book featuring the 50 Great Greek Wines – The List, for the year 2022.

With great pleasure, we welcome you to the new digital book of 50 Great Greek Wines – The List. A list of fantastic wines from Crete to Paiko and Lesvos to Kefalonia which emerged from the competition part of 50 GGW in early May at the iconic Selene.

In this year’s digital book, which unfolds on 148 pages and is the most extensive so far, all the winning wines are presented in detail with a separate two-page spread for each. There is also a geographical illustration of the regions with the respective prize-winning wines, framed by the illustrations of the talented Manolis Moumalidis. In addition, you can read the judges’ comments about their overall experience and the quality level of the wines.

The book is free to download from our website and is a quality guide to the wines of Greece that continue to surprise us with their personality and authenticity. Wines that look like no other in the world.

Together with Gregory, I wish you a good read.


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