Wineries seeking representation

Alexakis Winery
Alexakis Winery is a family business. It was founded by Stelios Alexakis, Chemical Engineer - Oenologist, and Sofia Alexaki in the 1970s. Alexakis Winery is the largest private winery in Crete. The winery has been collaborating for decades with all the vine-growers of the island, maintaining long-term relationships with them, while being fully aware of all the peculiarities of the Cretan Vineyard.

Amargiotakis Winery
The Amargiotakis Winery is located in Dafnes, Heraklion, Crete, in the viticultural zone of Dafnes, where several of the indigenous varieties of Crete are cultivated in privately owned and cooperating vineyards, with emphasis on the Liatiko variety, which is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

Charalaboglou Wines Memories and dreams that danced over the rocky beaches and vineyards of Nicomedia in Asia Minor traveled with the refugees. They took root at the foot of Paggaios hills, in the area where myths, truths, and traditions say that the vineyard was cultivated since antiquity when Dionysus was worshipped.

Here the Charalaboglou family grafted Foulatziki with the coolness of Paggaio, with the waters of Aggitis, with the sun of Vitasta and revived the vineyards with much taste and more care.

Efrosini Winery
Our winery was founded in 2004, after the reconstruction of our ancestors’ fields in 1999. Our empirical knowledge of viticulture in combination with the experienced scientists’ assistance contributed to the creation of our first varieties of wine and our first awards in both local and international competitions.

Ézousa Winery
A familiar taste from Cyprus, for those that have travelled or exceptionally attended wine events abroad, you can find here the wines vinifed at our winery in the Pafos region

Kechris Winery​
For us, wine is not a one-dimensional product, It is not, simply, a product. For us wine is something multifaceted, linked to our culture, to people, to life itself. Linked to our culture because its production is directly related to the history and the tradition of each place. Linked to people, because it comes from them and is produced for them.

Moinoterra Winery​
A breath away from Knossos and south of Heraklion, in the shadow of the sacred mountain of Giouchta, in a gentle relief of hills, are the great Minoan vineyards. Here, people have been involved with the vine since forever. And we, from here, pick up the thread again and bring it to today with the aim of producing wines that express their place of origin.

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