The Buyer: 50 GGW show the way for the high quality of Greek wines

In a recent interview with Richard Siddle from The Buyer, οne of the most influential wine website in the UK, Yiannis Karakasis MW sheds light on the significance of the 50 Great Greek Wines, providing a unique perspective on the world of Greek wines. The 50 GGW, now in its third edition, stands out as a distinctive project aimed at promoting and celebrating the best in Greek winemaking.

The Buyer magazine holds significant influence in the wine industry, catering to professionals and enthusiasts alike. Its reputation as a trusted source amplifies the importance of the 50 Great Greek Wines (50 GGW) being featured in its website.

The interview highlights the international character of the judging panel and the meticulous judging process, the non-traditional nature of the competition and awards, and reflects on the evolution of Greek wine over the past five years.

You can read the full interview here.

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