New Award Logos for the 50 new winners of “The List” and the 16 Categories!

In its effort to promote excellence, 50 GGW is creating new Award Logos for the winners of “The List” as well as for the individual categories.

The dynamic list of 50 GGW’s winners is the “essence” of the homonymous platform, but this year, for the first time, the winners will also be announced in the individual 16 categories. These categories will be reinforced in multiple ways by making the message of Greek wine even louder.

The Award Logos are one of the new innovations in the competition part of 50 GGW. They aim to provide even more tools to the winning producers, facilitating the communication of their wines. These logos will be integrated alongside all the promotional activities that 50 GGW has pioneered from day one. Furthermore, these distinctive symbols will accompany the lists of restaurants we collaborate with.

As we continue the vision we have set from the beginning, the new logos of 50 GGW serve as a proof of the exceptional quality, and the promising future of Greek winemaking.

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