Instagram Live for 50 GGW | 2022

Very much successful was the Instagram Live that took place on 17/2. More than 700 viewers watched Yiannis Karakasis MW and Gregory Michailos Dipwset discussing the new edition of 50 GGW, to be held on 5-8 May 2022. Additionally, two of the judges, Mark Andrew MW (Co-founder of Noble Rot) and Lenka Sedlackova MW (Senior Brand Manager Bancroft Wines) joined the conversation.

Both commented on the importance of the institution, why producers should participate, as well as how 50 GGW can contribute to the expansion of the Greek market globally.

You can see some quotes from their statements below while all the discussion can be watched in the 50 GGW account on Instagram here.

Mark Andrew MW
‘’50 GGW is really important because it takes what is this incredible place with incredible people, incredible grape varieties, and in many cases, incredible wines and gives a platform for us to discuss those wines in an international context. To talk about those wines, not just as being the best representatives of their people in their places in their grapes in Greece, but also taking that conversation out into the world and helping people understand wherever they might be…’’
‘’The great thing about 50 GGW, is the opportunity for a small but very sympathetic to Greek wine but also, I’d like to think a very knowledgeable judge panel to come together. And rather than looking to talk down the wines, they don’t like this is about identifying the wines that they do like the wines that they love the wines that are the best examples to celebrate this country, these regions, these grape varieties, and these winemakers that are working so hard to represent the best of Greece. And 50 is an opportunity for us to select each year of what right now is a snapshot of what makes Greek wine so exciting’’.
‘’I know that you’ve got a list as long as my arm of initiatives that you’re doing with the wines, of the seminars that you’re doing, that the 50 Great Greek wines that we will select, they will be taken out into the world, and they will be talked about. But beyond that, you know, this is also there’s a wider context here. What 50 is doing in an international context is communicating where they should start, the producers and the places that they should get a hold of initially, to understand better what is happening in Greek wine today. ‘’
‘’So, that feeds in not just to Greek wine, which is an obvious point, but also in a wider context that has ramifications for Greek gastronomy and for Greek tourism and for the celebration of Greece as a place that people want to be a part of and they want to understand better. So 50 GGW to me is a jumping-off point. For so many conversations. You’re going to be the catalyst for those conversations in terms of introducing people literally to those wines through the work that you do on the other side of 50.’’

Lenka Sedlackova MW
‘’I think it offers a slightly different format to other competitions. Obviously, the fact that it focuses just on Greek wine is great, but it’s a competition that doesn’t give out sort of platinum gold, bronze silver medals or something like commended, which doesn’t often mean anything. But it focuses on finding really 50 great wines, irrespective of where they come from. It gives a really nice snapshot of the Greek winemaking scene and what the key trends are in Greece. And the grape varieties that show real potential, in Greece and internationally as well. And because the competition is judged by an International Panel, it also helps identify wines that would be really successful internationally because we obviously know what styles and wines will be selling well in places like the UK.’’
‘’If you’re a producer who is maybe looking to expand into international markets, 50 GGW is a really good place to market your minds, especially if they get into the top 50. I also think it’s great for producers who want to get honest feedback, whether they make it into top 50 or not, because they’re obviously many different winemaking styles in this, many different varieties and the way we judge, we discuss the wines quite strongly to make sure that we are all aligned. Obviously, we all have a lot of experience in tasting, as Masters of Wine, Masters Sommeliers etc. Thirdly, the promotional work that you guys do and the marketing that you do is excellent as well. It’s a great way to get your wines in front of a very wide audience internationally via social media activities. It’s quite it’s an invaluable tool, if you will, for producers to get their wines out.’’
‘’But Greek wine it’s still a relatively niche for many wine consumers so having this list as a guide is really useful.’’

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