Impressions from the 50 GGW tasting part

With great success, the competition part of the second edition of 50 GGW was completed on May 8th, at the historic canaves of St. Joseph of Selene Restaurant and Antique Wine Caves in Santorini, with the participation of 156 wineries and 460 wines.

In the highly prestigious and world class judging committee, Mark Andrew MW (co -founder Noble Rot Magazine & Restaurants), Lenka Sedlackova MW (Senior Brand Manager Bancroft), Wojciech Bońkowski (Wine Writer), Caro Maurer MW (Wine Consultant) and Stephan Neumann MS were participating.

50GGW founder Yiannis Karakasis MW and judges commented:

Μark Andrew MW: «In general, I was impressed at the final stage with the quality of some of the flights. I think that this is going to get better each year. How long until 100, 200 wines are scored high enough to be fighting for a place in the top 50? I look at what’s happening in Greek wine and I think the signs are good, the quality is increasing with each vintage and it is indigenous varieties that are leading this.»

Wojciech Bońkowski: «Overall, 50 Great Greek Wines, 2022 edition showed the Greek wine community radiating health and dynamism. There is a plethora of innovative ideas, serious craftsmanship, and a growing respect of local identity, shown notably by a series of very convincing modern Retsinas. As the world increasingly takes note of the Greek wine stories, producers are readier and more capable than ever to engage in the conversation.»

Demetri Walters MW: «Aside from the excellent organisation, generous hospitality, good will and lively sense of humour throughout the adjudication, I have appreciated the authenticity of the proceedings. How many wine competitions set out to champion, celebrate and optimise the cause of their mother country? None do it better, or with greater conviction, than this competition.»

Yiannis Karakassis MW, founder of 50 Great Greek Wines «Our goal along with Gregory Michailos is to highlight the unique stories that Greek wine has to tell through a list of 50 fantastic wines. And to spread the message as we did in the first 50 GGW around the world. Based on the numerous participations it is a great achievement for those wines found in the fifty regardless of their position. That’s why this year’s message is ‘’Greatness is not a number’’. Congratulations to all the wineries that participated.»

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