50 Great Greek Wines for the 2nd time in The Buyer Magazine

In a recent article by The Buyer magazine, Yiannis Karakasis MW talks about the 50 Great Greek Wines (50 GGW) and how they’re contributing to the promotion of Greek wines globally. This marks the second time that The Buyer has recognized the pivotal role of 50 GGW, underscoring its significance in the world of Greek wines.

The interview highlights the international composition of the judging panel and the meticulous evaluation process, emphasizing the commitment to fairness and integrity in the competition. Furthermore, the non-traditional nature of the awards and their focus on innovation and quality set the 50 GGW apart as a trailblazer in the world of wine recognition.

Karakasis states:””New” can be traced everywhere. And often, it is in the old ways that are carefully made new. If Retsina was neglected in the past and usually considered cheap and low-quality, that’s only because it has been underestimated – mostly on the producer’s part. However, the four exceptional wines that made it to the 50 GGW: The List consist of a meaningful “symbol” of the new Greek wine era. Retsina is a traditional wine with a long history made since antiquity, now re-envisioned in a more meaningful way by pioneering producers. This is symbolic of how Greek wine is progressing…’’ 

Also, it mentions the upcoming Mega Event in the United Kingdom with over 150 wines from 33 wineries at the Trade Walk Around Tasting.

You can read the full interview here.

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