50 Great Greek Wines 2022: Greatness is not a number

50 Great Greek Wines (50 GGW) is pleased to announce the holding of the second 50 Great Greek Wines in May 2022. More specifically, the tasting part will take place on 5-8 May 2022 on the historic canaves of Selene in Santorini. The award ceremony where the 50 best wines from those who participated will be announced in Athens on May 31, 2022.

The judges for the 50 GGW 2022 are Mark Andrew MW (co-founder of Noble Rot Magazine & Restaurants), Lenka Sedlackova MW (Head buyer Bancroft), Wojciech Bońkowski (Wine Writer), Caro Maurer MW (Journalist and educator), Demetri Walters MW (Wine Consultant), Stefan Neumann MS (Wine Consultant).

The founder of 50 Great Greek Wines, Master of Wine Yiannis Karakasis, said: “After the 1st 50 GGW and the promotional activities in many countries, we are ready for the next edition on May 2022. Our goal is for Greek wine to evolve and establish a new category worldwide.”

The tasting part focuses on awarding the top 50 wines to make sense of each award. “What would be the significance of the award if, in the end, all most wines got home with a prize? The small number of award-winning wines adds value to the winners and the whole idea. However, because we value all entries, as last year for the first time, all wines will receive full tasting feedback. “There are no losers but only winners”, concludes Mr Karakasis.

The key ideas of 50 Great Greek Wines are the following:

  • Wines are bought from the market so that everyone has the opportunity to participate equally.
  • Wines are judged exclusively by leading professional tasters who are not just connoisseurs of Greek wine but passionate about it.
  • 50 GGW is framed by a series of innovative activities in Greece and abroad (50 GGW | More) as well as an e-book guide-reference point.

“We are excited about the new 50 GGW and its evolution prospects. We are giving our energy into planning more outside the box activities,” says Development Manager Grigoris Michael Dip WSEET.

The goal of 50 Great Greek Wines is to establish the idea of Greatness of Greek wine worldwide. Greek wine deserves to be high in the consciousness of the global consumer.

50 GGW is under the auspices of the Greek wine industry (Wines of Greece).

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