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50 GGW in two of Poland’s most significant wine blogs

Following the 50 GGW promotional event in Poland, where a series of award-winning wines were tasted, thorough covers from Polish media were made about 50 GGW. More specifically, two extensive articles were published, on 04/03 in Blog Zdegustwany and 23/03 at Nasz Swiat Win, with analytical reports for every wine that participated in the tastings.


“Imagine a wine competition, where the producers can not send their wines to participate in it. The organizer buys the bottles from the market and then the evaluation process follows.  In that way, the 50 Great Greek Wines were awarded in the early autumn of 2020. “

See the whole article in Polish here.

Nasz Swiat Win

“Yiannis Karakasis MW is one of the world’s biggest supporters of Greek Wine worldwide. He is also the creator of 50 GGW were the 50 Great Greek Wines are awarded . Last week we had the chance to try 9 bottles from this selection. “

See the whole article in Polish here.

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