The 50 Great Greek Wines are travelling greek wine around the wine world

The new innovative Greek wine communication platform continues its promotional actions with zest, great enthusiasm and, above all, consistensy under the umbrella of 50 GGW | More. The two very successful Masterclasses in Italy and Poland were followed by an important article on the world’s top wine site The article is titled 50 Great Greek Wines – Synchronic Excellence and is signed by the renowned wine critic Julia Harding MW.

The article describes what makes 50 GGW different from other wine competitions (no stickers, only a few wines awarded, market samples, promotional actions, eBook version, along with reference to the impressive group of judges) and also records her tasting notes on 29 wines from 50 Great Greek Wines – The List, noting “Although I did not try all 50 winners, it was clear from the wines described below that the competition had achieved its goal of highlighting the quality and excitement that is evident in the world of Greek wine today. . Here we had some amazing examples of classic and more recently revived Greek grape varieties in different styles …” The scores she gave them were particularly high and ranged from 16.5 to 18/20.

The founder of 50 GGW Master of Wine Yiannis Karakasis said “This article crowns our work and the consistency we have shown to our initial philosophy, which adheres to three principles: small, flexible panels made up of world-renowned judges, 50 wines awarded (in the current year this represented a mere 11% of the wines entered!) and market bought samples. The goal Gregory Michailos (Founding Partner & Development Manager)and I have set is to promote a new era for Greek wine by highlighting authenticity and the excellent quality/price value, a rather complex combination these days. However, we are confident that the top examples achieved both points. We are deeply committed to highlighting Greek wine and the 50 GGW wines and particularly happy of the huge success that was accomplished together with our wineries.

The article can be found here.

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