50 GGW Collaborations with Restaurants in Greece and Abroad

We are very pleased to announce a number of collaborations with award-winning restaurants in Greece and abroad! More specifically, continuing our effort to further promote 50 Great Greek Wines, we join forces with significant restaurants in Greece and abroad that included choices of 50 GGW on their wine list. 

At the following restaurants, either a special category was created with a choice of 50 GGW, or a separate marking was given to the general list next to the photo of each wine. 


Ampeli London

Collaboration with the awarded with a Michelin Plate Ampeli Restaurant in Fitzrovia of ​​London



Botrini’s Restaurant

Collaboration with the Award-winning with a Michelin Botrini’s Restaurant 


Selene Restaurant Santorini

Collaboration with the iconic Selene Restaurant in Fira of Santorini 

Mikrasia Restaurant Mykonos / Santorini

Collaboration with Mikrasia Restaurant in Oia of Santorini 


Mikrasia Restaurant Mykonos / Santorini

Collaboration with Mikrasia Restaurant in Agios Ioannis of Mykonos 


Exandas Restaurant Skiathos

Collaboration with Exantas Restaurant in Skiathos 


Prosilio Zakynthos

Collaboration with Prosilio Restaurant in Zakynthos 


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