50 GGW at 17th Belgrade Wine Salon in December!

Continuing our promotional actions within 50 GGW | More, we announce another participation, this time at the 17th Belgrade Wine Salon, in Belgrade.

More specifically, a masterclass will take place where 10 award-winning wines will be tasted from 50 GGW. The presentation will be made by Yiannis Karakasis MW during the exhibition, on December 10-11.

The Belgrade Wine Salon (BWS) exhibition is the largest wine event in Serbia, counting 16 years. Every year, it attracts thousands of professionals and wine friends and captures a picture of the Serbian wine market, gathering the best producers from Serbia and a significant number of top producers from the rest of Europe.

The wines tasted are the event are below:

1.    Oenops Wines Vidiano 2020, Crete

2.    Artemis Karamolegos Winery “34” 2019, Santorini

3.    Estate Argyros Cuvée Monsignori 2018, Santorini

4.    Ktima Biblia Chora Ovilos White 2020, Pangaio

5.    Aoton Winery Aoton Savatiano 2015, Attica

6.    Kechris Winery Tear of the Pine Retsina 2020, Macedonia

7.    Chatzivariti Winery Mus Xinomavro 2020, Slopes of Paiko

8.    Alpha Estate Xinomavro Single Vineyard “Hedgehog” 2018, Amyndeo

9.    Mitravelas Estate Ktima Red 2019, Nemea

10.  Monsieur Nicolas by G.Karamitros Paradise Can Wait 2018, Karditsa

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